About Me

Louise Croft

Animal communicator, Forever Business Owner, Coach and Mentor
Reiki and Seichem Master, Counsellor, EFT practitioner, Dips.Couns, Dip. Indian Head Massage,

Who am I?

Hi, I’m Louise and I live up in North Yorkshire.

My Background

I started my working life in banking and then moved to the Civil Service where I stayed for 22 yrs. This has been mainly managerial roles.  I got stuck with earning enough to have a life but not enough to really have lots of fun in life.  I was on that tread mill where I was frightened to get off.  All the responsibility of keeping a roof over my childrens and my head fell onto my shoulders. I daren’t risk change… you know…. just in case it went all pear shaped.

I knew I had to do something as I really was not enjoying my work at all. It was making me feel very ill.  So I trained and attained my Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling in and around my full time work, many years ago. Now I would describe myself as an integrated counsellor. My training and the way I work is client led. The client is the expert and the counsellor allows the client to work things out for him/herself. I do use other techniques and do incorporate my holistic therapies within my counselling work to enhance the process. This is always guided by the client. In a session I use relaxation techniques, EFT and meditation also.


I have worked as a counsellor for many years and have many many hours of experience.  My placements were within voluntary organisations covering many different aspects. I’ve practised within a family assessment unit for many years.  There was a lot of clients with the most traumatic experiences. Dealing with stress, relationship problems, phobias, abuse, both sexual and mental.

My training for my holistic therapies were both at college and at healing centres.  I am a Reiki and Seichem master and a practitioner of Quantum Touch and EFT and have a diploma in Indian Head Massage. My healing work has been over many years for both people and animals.  The therapies that I practise can help with stress, phobias, lack of energy, illness and many other problems but can also be used to lift the clients self esteem, self worth and energy levels.

I have always been aware that I could feel emotions and hear voices from animals since being a child. It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I realised I was an animal communicator and gained the confidence to actually say this out loud to friends. It flowed then to start working more with this gift and helping others. Please click on Animal communications to find out more and to see how it can be carried out with any animal.  Over my numbers communications horses and dogs seem to be coming out tops on numbers though.  The results have been amazing.

I used to worry that what I was hearing and feeling wasn’t real but after so much positive feedback over the years I no longer have this doubt.  I attended a communications course once just to see whether what I was feeling was right and genuine.  The course not only confirmed this but also showed me how great a gift I have.  The two tutors were amazed at the depth of message I got.  I knew then that I had to share this gift to allow animals to have a voice, to help owner and their animal friends to create a better understanding of each other and open the communication channels for them so they can too have that wonderful relationship of sharing.

My present day

I have two children and several animals ranging from horses, dogs, cats not forgetting the cattle and sheep. My family are so very important to me and having the time to be together.  I have always been a lover of animals and as a child desparately wanted to be a vet or a farmer.

Things happened in my life and that wasn’t to be but to me, my healing, communication work, natural products and counselling is close enough. I am able to help empower people and animals to heal themselves in a natural way. Plus I now farm, which is fabulous. So I have achieved my original dreams in a round about way.

I really feel passionate and inspired with healing and so want to allow everyone to enjoy it. My vision is to spread the word to as many people as possible so that they can introduce it into their own lives, so they too can be enriched with the energy. It’s feels so important to me to give back to our beloved animals through healing and empathy.

lou martin close pole gone LIGHTER

In March 2009 I became a Forever Business Owner, coach and mentor, well it is the most rewarding, fantastic, fun work I have ever done.  It was after qualifying as a counsellor, setting up my own Forever business plus my own healing business, around my full time job that I finally had the confidence to embrace redundancy.  Gosh that really was a freeing time.  It was like a great weight was lifted from my shoulders.  I sold my house and moved my family up to where I am based now.  Plus I kind of met the most wonderful man who is now my husband!

Now I work my Forever business and my therapies full time alongside the farming. The products are outstanding. It is a joy and pleasure to be able to recommend them to people and animals.  Helping make their lives more comfortable.  Giving people the opportunity to be self employed risk free. Allowing people to have that choice of opportunity, the chance to fulfil their dreams, to grow in self esteem and confidence.  All very important to me.

Amazing life I have now full of choices and the chance to achieve so much for my family and me. I could go on and on. Take a look and maybe you will decide to try it and then feel as fantastic as I do.

My Future

My mission is to help as many people as I can take control of their lives.  To help people build relationships with their animals based on trust and respect.   Open a senior residence complex with high ethical core values and morals. Own our own land and home where we can achieve our best.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please click here to contact me