Animal Communication

iStock_000058300818_SmallMany people who have animals will havea sense of their friends feelings, moods and welbeing. An animal communication will enhance this, it goes into more detail and can cover any problems they may be experiencing or traumas from the past. I have had the pleasure in connecting with several animals and forwarding on the information they give me. The feed back has been very positive and also constructive for me to grow and develope my gift. I have helped a horse who was desparately needing her feet to be trimmed in a different style, a horse who saught reasurance that her new mum wasn’t going to suddenely disappear like her previous mum who had a terrible accident and also an old horse and his mum when it came to the time of passing. This was very moving and emotional for all concerned but the whole experience was truely beautiful.

I do have several testimonials and written feed back which I will download onto here as soon as I can for you all to read.

To to book a consultation:

Animal Communication by Photo:
Please send the details listed below with photographs of your animal(s) using email: You can pay by Paypal, please use the quoted email address and pay as a friend or family or you can mail me a cheque/money order.

By post:
Photos and payments can be sent to: Please contact me for my address. If posting please include your cheque payment. Alternatively you can pay by Paypal as above.

What information I require.

1. Provide your details – Full name, postal address, email address, phone number.
Also let me know how you came to find me.

2. Provide your animal’s details – The name and gender of your animal(s). You may send up to a maximum of 5 questions that you would like me to ask them (not necessary if you require just a general communication, I can just check in with your friend and pass on any messages to and from them. I will also check any health issues by using technique called Medical Gestalt (a kind of telepathic body scan) which helps me work out areas of concern. I am not a vet, Physio or chiropractor so any messages concerning any pain should be forwarded to your vet or other qualified person for advise.

If your friend is missing please let me know the date and the circumstances you last saw them.
If your friend is in Spirit please let me know the date of their passing.

3. Send a clear photo of your animal, with their eyes looking towards the camera. No other animals or humans in the picture please.
Please make sure there is no light reflection or red eye. High resolution is best.

What I will do:

I will spend approximately 45 minutes communicating with your animal. (The length of time is solely dictated by the animal and how much they wish to communicate with me!) I will often start with shorter sessions as an introduction and so your animal gets used to me and we build up trust then do the main session.
I receive the same information from your animal looking at a photo of them as I would if they were in front of me which makes animal communication accessible across the UK and Internationally.
Feedback can be by phone, post, or email